Cennotech 6 USB Port Charger & 3 Socket Orion

Cennotech 6 USB Port Charger & 3 Socket Orion

Product Quality Warranty:

We provide new product replacement warranty if the defect / malfunction of the factory within 14 days from date of purchase and also service warranty in accordance with the provisions listed.

Charger Cennotech Orion is a quality product equipped with fast charging technology. It has 3 power sockets with an additional 6 usb ports to charging many of your gadgets like smartphones, tablets, ipads, etc.

Technical specifications:

  • Rated Voltage : 250 V
  • Rated Power : 2500 W
  • Output: 3x Sokets Combo 6x USB
  • Size: 138x90x43mm
  • Power cord : 1.6 M

Unique Selling Point:

  • 6 USB Port
  • 3 Sockets

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